5 Tips for Procrastinating.
5 Tips for Procrastinating. stories

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5 Tips for Procrastinating.

by burniingaschs

If for some reason...

You want to become known as a procrastinator, then here are a few tips.

1. Memorize the phrase: "In a minute."

This is a very important phrase to a procrastinator, if you want to become one you've got to say it. (Or at least think it)

2. The image of a mountain must be engraved in your mind.

One who procrastinates normally does so because the task looks far to difficult. So make sure you look at everything as an impossible task.

3. Own a watch and carry your phone with you.

This way you have no excuse for not starting something earlier.

4. Always do your job well.

If your going to procrastinate then your also going to need something to do and no ones going to ask someone that does a terrible job to do anything. And without a job you can't procrastinate.

5. Procrastinate, don't be late.

Your trying to be known as a procrastinator not a lazy good for nothing. You have to wait till the last minute to do something, but you have to get it done.

If you've fond this at all helpful towards your pursuit...

Then I feel sorry for you. For more than one reason. (I'll probably get back to writing real stuff soon)

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