Teddy Bear
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burniingaschsI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
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Sometimes I feel like the bear...

Teddy Bear

by burniingaschs

Broken, beaten, then forgotten, I've been thrown away.

Toyed with, played with, had their way with, I've been cast away.

Thrown out, cast out, without a single doubt... They threw me away.

Looked at, picked at, then passed without regret, they look the other way.

Homeless, penniless, haven't got a single cent, it's them that's made me this way.

What did I do? What have I done? To be treated in such a way?

Wasn't I kind? Wasn't fun? Didn't I always play?

Someone, anyone, can't you tell me? Why I've been thrown away?

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