Quiet Time.
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Quiet Time.

by burniingaschs

Quiet Place,

Tangled feelings, I am all alone.

I choose to be,

I wish to be, for darkness is my home.

The solitude,

The peace of mind, I find when I'm alone.

Don't talk to me,

Don't come find me, I'll find you when I'm done.

My tired mind,

My aching heart, just needs a little time.

Time heals wounds,

Darkness soothes, I'll be better some time.

My pain is great,

But not so great that it can take me away.

I'll be back,

But until then, I'll quietly wait.

I'll calm my mind,

I'll soothe my heart, I'll chase my pain away.

I'll have my little quiet time,

Where there is only me, and then I'll bounce back again. I'll live another day.

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