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Written for my little brother.


by burniingaschs

People often do a little thing called lying.

It's when one person does or says something that deceives another.

There's an infinite number of ways to do it.

The most common is the spoken lie, but you could just as easily lie to someone by not saying something.

White Lie.

These are the 'harmless' lies, the ones usually used to spare someones feelings. Whether they're really harmless or not is up to the person that uses them.


While it has a different name it's really no different from lying. As its name suggests, one would deceive someone by only telling half of the truth. This is the sneaky one, well sneakier one.

Silent lie.

This fellow here's the lie that saw everything but doesn't say a word. Sometimes silence is the right decision, other times it's not.


Then there's just flat out lying. Primarily used to get what we want. Be it friends or money. It's also used to get out of trouble. For whatever reason its used, it's just downright deceitful.

Lying isn't all bad.

Some lies are needed, people don't have to know nor do they have the right to know the truth about everything. While lies are a bad idea, it doesn't mean we should never lie.

But the truth is always better.

The truth may hurt. But if you let it, the truth will set you free.

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