If I'm a Memory
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If I'm a Memory

by burniingaschs

If I were a memory,

I'd be with you wherever you went. I'd hide quietly in your head, waiting for my big moment.

So if I were a memory,

I'd be recalled by certain things. A sound, a touch, a thought it really could be anything.

If I were a memory,

I'd be good or I'd be bad. I could brighten your day or worsen it, and maybe make you sad.

So if I am a memory,

Do I want to be remembered? Am I a precious sort of memory? Or the kind you wish gone forever?

Well since I am a memory,

I'm not going anywhere. Even if you get amnesia, I'll always be right there.

But since I am a memory,

I hope the time we share, is wonderful and pleasant and quite easy for you to bear.

Well I am a memory,

So I'll wait in a little corner of your mind. Until my big moment arrives, and for a moment you'll remember me, be it brief or the length of a lifetime.

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