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burniingaschsI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
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I'm NOT talking about myself, I just felt like writing this.

I Like You

by burniingaschs

I've seen you.

Always. Perhaps this is my sin, I'll look at you from my corner, but I wont let you come within.

I've heard you.

Always. Speaking loudly, or mere whispers in the wind. Your laughter and you crying, your giggle as you grin.

I'm near you.

Always. Though not close enough to see. Just close enough to know you, without you knowing me.

I've watched you.

Always. Though you may think I'm a creep. I've treasured everything you've done as I wish you'd treasure me.

I've known you

Always. Or at least far longer than you've known me, and if you knew the way I've watched you, you'd run the other way.

I fear you.

Always. Because if you knew me, you'd be disturbed and displeased, and disgust would fill your face.

I've loved you.

Always. And that's why I'll never tell. I don't want to become hated, I just wish you'd love me as well.

I'll be here.

Always. Even though you'll never know my face, you'll never know I love you. But that is quite okay.

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