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Another character description.


by burniingaschs

He found out he could live forever.

Of course his joy was immense. He could go anywhere, help anyone, take risks without expense.

He fought through the centuries.

Helping those he felt should win. Fading in and out of history, enjoying the time he spent.

It wasn't a boring life.

It wasn't without suspense. He had his share of excitement, though he lacked any contentment

Then he met her.

Though he'd been alive since forever, he'd never seen beauty quite like her. And then his world unfroze for the first time that he could remember.

They were together.

He loved her. He lived for her, she was the only one in his world. There was nothing else, no one else, his world moved for her.

Then she was gone.

He watched her wither, he watched her fade. He watched as she turned to dust in the grave.

He'd never felt so empty.

He'd never felt so dead. She was all he lived for, she was all he had. Just as quickly as it had thawed, his life became frozen again.

He is an unending story.

He thought it was the greatest thing, that he'd never cease to exist. He'd thought that he at was a blessed thing, that his clock would never tick.

Now he just wanted to die.

He just wanted to end his unending life. He wanted to go over to the other side, to see the one he had loved as his wife.

But he is forced to live on.

Forever and ever. forced to watch as others die in the unending cycle of nature.

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