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by burniingaschs

People are very different. And yet they are the same.

We don't all see eye to eye, we don't do the same things or live in the same places.

Some of us are stronger, some of us are weaker.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some of us have felt untouchable, some of us have felt vulnerable.

But we have all been broken.

The strong. The weak. The rich. The poor. Everyone, at some time in our lives or another have been cracked and shattered.

It may not have been a large crack.

Perhaps we simply tipped over, lost our footing and struggled to stand.

Or maybe we shattered.

Perhaps something hit us so hard that we broke into a million tiny little pieces. Perhaps we were so broken that we couldn't recognize ourselves anymore.

Maybe we were broken on the outside.

Maybe everyone could see our brokenness, even though we wanted to hide, we were transparent.

Or we were broken on the inside.

We looked fine and dandy on the outside. But on the inside we were falling apart, barely holding it together as we placed paint over our cracks to mask our pain.

Being broken doesn't have to break us.

It can make us stronger or it could make us weaker. The deciding factor isn't what breaks us.

It's what puts us back together.

Different people use different things, what and how we chose to fix ourselves is what matters. The important thing is picking up the pieces and putting them back together properly.

We may use other people.

Sometimes friends and family are needed to help pick up our shattered and scattered pieces.

We may do it alone.

Sometimes we are capable of gathering ourselves alone. Sometimes we need solitude.

Don't leave yourself broken.

Why or how we break isn't important.

Because we all break eventually, we're only human after all. What's important is putting yourself back together.

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a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil @adritadroy, Thanks I'm glad you liked it. I think I spent more time finding those images than writing, so I'm glad you guys liked them.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
I love your positivity. The graphics work so well with the verses that after reading the words, I found myself lingering on the page. I have been so broken in my life, I thought that it was irreparable. I was wrong then and you are right now. I think you hit upon a universal feeling. If you haven't been broken, you have lived in a bubble.

adritadroyBronze CommaI am a lover of language, are you?
a year agoReply
beautiful. And I love the background images that you have used. love it.

bobBronze CommaAll hail BOB
a year agoReply
we all have been broken indeed