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And apparently, Why is a boy.


by burniingaschs

A question that lies in wait inside every person.

Waiting patiently for something to pique his curiosity.

Born of wonder, fear, anger, sadness, or happiness.

He reaches forth uncertainly, grasping for the answers that elude him.

He doesn't ask for much.

Just a simple answer to a simple question.

Sometimes he finds the answer.

After a long and and occasionally grueling search, the answer is made clear to him.

Sometimes he can't find the answer.

Even though he knows its out there, no matter how long or hard he searches, the answer continues to elude him.

Sometimes he already knows the answer.

But he continues to deny it, because accepting the reality...

Sometimes he doesn't really wan't to know.

And yet... not knowing the answer would forever haunt him.

Sometimes... There isn't an answer.

He knows this but he keeps searching, because he has to find something, anything, to explain what happened.

And when he can't find the answer.

He can't help but wonder... Why?

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