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Recognize beauty and appreciate it. Because you wont have it forever.


by burniingaschs

Beauty comes in many forms.

What we find beautiful in someone vary's from person to person.

What do you find beautiful in a person?

How are they beautiful? When are they beautiful? Why do you find them beautiful?

Is it physical beauty?

Are they cute? Are they handsome? Is it how they swing their hips or lick their lips?

Are they beautiful on the inside?

Is it the words they say? Is it the kindness they show? Is it the patience they display? Is it how they love unconditionally?

Is their character beautiful?

Are they loud and outgoing? Are shy and subdued? Are they cool and collected? Are the clumsy and flustered? Are they happy and wild? Are they moody and cautious?

Is their love beautiful?

Do they show it to you everyday? Do they show it at all? Are they very open with their love? Do you have to read between the lines? Do they overwhelm you with it? Do they leave you wanting more?

Are they a beautiful fit?

Do you get along? Do you fight all the time? Do you feel made for each other? Do you feel ready to strangle one another?

Do you want to share their beauty with others?

Or would you rather keep it to yourself? Would you like to show off that special someone? Or do you want to treasure them alone?

Is their beauty still here?

Do you still have their beauty? Or is it lost to you? Are they still beside you? Or have they passed on? Do you see their face everyday? Or can you only wish for it?

Do you remember their beauty?

Is it in your heart? Or have you forgotten? Do you think of them everyday? Or are they only a passing memory?

I have experienced beauty.

I can no longer see or hear this beauty. I can no longer touch or feel this beauty. But I'll remember it forever.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Inside and outside. Actions and deeds. Everyone has beauty, beauty that should be cherished for what it is. So show them your love and appreciation. Show them you see their worth.

Because beauty deserves to be appreciated.

Beauty deserves to be noticed.

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