5 Tips for being Lazy.
5 Tips for being Lazy. stories
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I shall show you the path to laziness!

5 Tips for being Lazy.

by burniingaschs

So you want to be lazy do you?

Understand before you continue, laziness is an acquired skill it's not as easy as it seems.

1. The right mindset.

I'm sorry, but those of you that feel really bad or guilty when your not working or helping people should just give up now, laziness is not for you.

2. Why you don't do it.

Laziness isn't about something being too hard or taking too long, the job could be pretty easy. No, it's about not doing something just because the couch your sitting on feels too good.

3. Excuses.

This is an important one. Lazy people are masterminds at making good excuses. You've got to be creative but realistic, you've got to sell it.

4. Laying around.

You've got to like laying on stuff. If you see a couch don't sit on it, you've got to lay all over that chair! And if you've got to sit in something, make sure you slouch. Also, love your bed.

5. Be prepared for loneliness.

The path to laziness is a long and lonely path... No ones going to want to be around someone that doesn't do anything, as long as you understand and accept that you'll be alright.

If this has been useful to you in your calling.

... I have no words to explain how ashamed I am of the human race at this moment. Now then on to writing real things ;)

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