The Midnight Man: Chapter 1
The Midnight Man: Chapter 1 stories

burkeava23I want to disappear and never seen again
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please read....!

The Midnight Man: Chapter 1

I was held behind from work, it was getting very late. I had to walk home as it was 12 o'clock, i heard branches snap and then.....

the church bell DING, almost deafing me I quickly started walking and foot steps came closer to me.....

I was scared, i got to the front door to unlock before i was gone. I searched through my bag but no keys were found.

Rattlin behind was getting closer, i turn to peek and a tall dark figure stood there waiting for me to grab the keys.

But i didn't dare to. I grabbed the door handle waiting for luck, but no luck was giving. I was all alone.

Someone pulled outside my house in a mini, then i nothice my mums face glaring into mines.

The keys strangly drops and i went to pick the keys and my mums cold and red fingers contact with my wrist, grabbing it tight and not letting go.

She whispers something in my ear and i can not make a single word, she gets in the car and drives off.

I was confused. Then the midnight stood there waving, i quickly shove myself into the house and locked the door.

I turn around with him in my face and something wet and cold running down my chest, staining my white shirt red.

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