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bunnyrabbit84A Wattpad writer: @BunnyRabbit84.
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You know what it is.

Never Have I Ever

by bunnyrabbit84

How to Play

I will say, "never have I ever," and if you never done this, then you will win a prize. *Whisper* you will get a follow from me. You must give me a comment and follow me back.

Never Have I Ever.....

Been in a fistfight with someone.

Never Have I Ever.....

Out and the open ocean.

Never Have I Ever.....

Been to a crazy party. I really want to go to one though.

Never Have I Ever.....

Quit eating hot chips.

Never Have I Ever.....

Went paint balling. Really don't want to try it. I don't want to get blasted in the back of my head. *take cover*

The End Has Come

If you reached it to the end, congratulations. Please comment what similarities you have and I'll come follow you as long as you follow me back.

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