My Trip to Universal Studios in the Rain
My Trip to Universal Studios in the Rain mylife stories

bunnyrabbit84 A Wattpad writer: @BunnyRabbit84.
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This is when I went to Universal Studios on a rainy day. Hope you all enjoy.

My Trip to Universal Studios in the Rain

by bunnyrabbit84

The Idea

Messing around for something to do on my phone, everybody was board as hell. My sister was on the computer and my dad was trying to recover from the flu. Suddenly, my dad said, "Let's go out."

The Discussion

"Where are we going?" my sister asked. "To Universal Studios. Now, get dressed so we can go. Hurry." As soon as we heard those words, we rushed into our room and got dressed hapily.

The Plan

"Let's just ride a couple of rides. I don't want to get sicker than I am." my dad said. Me and my sister agreed. "Let's do the Mummy ride first." my sister said. "Then the Simpsons." I reply.

The After Math

After riding a couple of rides, we grabbed something to eat. It was still raining when we left the park. We had finished eating our dinner at a little restaurant and then went home. Love it.

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