Woops, Made a Feminism Poem.
Woops, Made a Feminism Poem. stories
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bunnyboyHey I'm Dipper!
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For that poetry contest thing.

Woops, Made a Feminism Poem.

by bunnyboy

You are my sister,

The girl next to you is my sister and your sister, The Marie who used to be Thomas is all of ours’ sister, And I am your brother who once was a sister.

But you are all my sisters and you deserve to be told you are amazing. You deserve to be told that you can in fact do that if you please, And that you will in fact do that if you please.

Not all of us are sisters, But we can support our sisters, We can tell them that what society says they can't do, Is what they can do.

That their potential is limitless, That the stars are in their reach, That any outfit they wear is what they can wear with pride.

With knowledge that they look amazing, With knowledge that they are beautiful, With knowledge that they are an individual and not a stereotype, With knowledge that they are important.

Sisters of mine, Hold your heads high, Make you words be words that people will listen to, Because feminism is not about female supremacy.

It is about earning equality, It is about making minorities be heard and seen as equal, It is about loving our sisters, About loving our siblings of the world no matter their identity.

It is about love and peace and everything in between, So when you hear your sister speak, Listen, Listen and let her words be heard.

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