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By Lizzy Kopacz

Think about the trouble in the world, just for a minute.

Think about the hatred, the division, the pain, the guilt...just for a moment

Now wait. Stop your thoughts. Stick with me here.

Think about the night sky

Think about the sunrise

Think about the crashing of the ocean waves...

...or maybe you prefer a quiet walk in the woods

Think of the mountains that will always stand, despite what happens around them

Think about the love that's still here...

And never can be stopped

Think about someone who always has hope, and you don't think you'll ever understand how...what makes them that way?

See, things are never going to be "all good."

But the thing is, it's never going to be all bad either.

We have to take it like it is.

Whether you fight your way, push your way, or just go with the flow and quietly make your way through it is your choice.

Hope never dies.

Love conquers all.

Amor vincit omnia.

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bubblegum_lizzytrying to add beauty to the world
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@bernardtwindwil thank you very much

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
This was beautiful and positive. I loved it. In 1967 I went through Allepo. It was marvelous, then to Palmyra. They are gone now. I carry the memory and the ability to describe those miracles of architecture. No terrorist can take that away. As long as I am resilient and write. As long as you are resilient and writer. We can only go onward and upward. Great post!!!!!!!