My mate Jungkook ff
My mate Jungkook ff  jungkook stories

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???: She is the most beautifulest person I have ever seen in my life....

My mate Jungkook ff


*RING RING RING RING* Y/n: uhhhhhh Y/n mom:y/n hunny wake up and get ready for school, it's your first day of college. Y/n: (Turns off alarm and gets up) I'm up....I'm up When I finally get up I go to the bathroom, take a shower, do my morning routine, and get dressed. Outfit of the day and hair>>>

When I was done I went downstairs to my mom to eat breakfast because it was only 7:15 when I was done since I got up at 6:00. I didn't put on makeup since I'm a natural beauty just like my mom but let me introduce myself before we continue. >>>>

Name: Kim Y/n Age: 17 but my birthday is this weekend I'm a werewolf, I'm waiting for my mate and I'm in college and I'm kinda shy when it comes to boys Family: Mom dad died while fighting another pack and my little sister somi who is 9. Pack: Midnight pack Friends: Blackpink Like: Everything chocolate But back to the story>>>>

I saw my mom with chocolate milk. Y/n: ahhhh yay chocolate milk I ran towards it but my annoying little sister grabs it before me Somi:(Drinks all the milk)that was so good thanks sis I start to run after her but her tiny legs are to fast Mom:stop running you two and eat You/somi: okay

Me and somi start eating and I was in done in less than 5 minutes because I needed to go to school so I said bye to my mo mane somi. Y/n: bye mom bye somi Mom:bye sweetie have a good day at school Somi:bye sis make sure you come pick me up after school today to get ice cream Y/n: okay I will I hug somi, grab my bag and leave for school

I was walking to school when I walked past the store and smelled something god but I couldn't quit get what it was and my wolf was getting excited but I just ignored it and continued to walk to school since I was only a few minutes away from the school.

*AT SCHOOL* When I made it at school I saw my best friends Blackpink and we made eye contact and ran towards each other and screamed Y/n: BLACKPINK BLACKPINK: Y/N We hugged each other and I almost cried because I haven't seen my best friends for at least 2 moths but I don't Let me introduce my Besty's >>>>

Name: Rose Age: 18 Friends: Blackpink and y/n Hobbies: Eating and rapping Likes: No one Dislikes: Playboys Pack: Arrow pack Waiting for her mate

Name: Jisoo Age: 19 Friends: Blackpink and y/n Hobbies: cooking and looking at herself in the mirror Likes: No one Dislikes: Playboys Pack: Green night pack Waiting for her mate

Name: Lisa Age: 18 but older than y/n Friends: Blackpink and y/n Hobbies: Dancing and rapping Likes: No one Dislikes: Playboys Pack: Snow pack Waiting for her mate

Name: Jennie Age: 19 younger than Jisoo Friends: Blackpink and y/n Hobbies: Eating and Rapping Likes: No one Dislikes: Playboys Pack: Dark Cloud pack Waiting for her mate

Rose: How have you been y/n? Y/n: I have been good but I missed you guys Lisa: We have missed you too Y/n: so have you guys found your mate yet? Blackpink: No They all said sadly Y/n: It's ok I have either so we will probably find them at the same time at thes school Blackpink: Mabye

Jisoo: ok let's go get our schedule before were late to class. Blackpink: okay let's go We all went to the office to get our schedule.

*IN THE OFFICE* We all entered the office and everyone seemed so busy so we decide to ask the lady in the black for our schedules. Y/n: Excuse me miss do you mind if we could get our schedules. Office lady: Oh yes umm what are your names?? Y/n: y/n, Lisa, rose, Jennie, and Jisoo She gives us our schedule, we say thank you and leave

We were walking in the hall looking at our schedules and we all have the same classes besides before lunch. Y/n: Ok first class math Blackpink: same Jennie: Let's go We all walk to try and find our class and when we get there we knock on the door.

When we knock on the door she said come in Teacher: Come in We walk in and everyone stares at us Teacher: Since you are late introduce yourselves and the have a seat Y/n: My name is y/n I'm 18 Jennie: My is Jennie I'm 19 Lisa: My name is Lisa I'm 18 Jisoo: My name is Jisoo and I'm 19 and we are.... All of us: BLACKPINK

Teacher: Now have a seat and open your book to page 18 lesson 1 Y/n: well this year is going to be fun especially with this strict teacher Blackpink: yup sure is *SKIP TO LUNCH*

*AT LUNCH* Y/n: so you guys I'm going to pick my sister up for ice cream after school you guys wanna come since we have last class together? Blackpink: Sure Y/n: I think she will be very happy to see you guys since you guys haven't seen her in a while Lisa: I miss my little baby And the I smelled it again and my wolf started acting up again

??? P.O.V I was talking to my friends when suddenly I smelled the scent of flowers and a nice summer breeze going through the my nose and my wolf and I went crazy but I didn't recognized that I stopped walking ???: hey Jungkook lets go I'm hungry Jungkook: oh yea umm I'm coming Taehyung hyung And then I left ignoring it

Y/n's P.O.V Me and my wolf was going crazy but then I didn't realized Jisoo unnie was calling me until the smell suddenly faded and my wolf whimpered and said Tina my wolf: Awww its gone *whimper*' *it's ok* I told my Wolf Jisoo: Y/n are you listening? Y/n: oh yes I'm listening *SKIP THE DAY*

*OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL* I haven't told the girls that I smelled something and that my wolf a going crazy over it so we just left the school to pick up my sister Y/n: Let's go I bet she's waiting outside of her school right now Blackpink: Ok let's go so we can surprise her too *SKIP TO HER SCHOOL*

*AT HER SCHOOL* I see my sister running towards me so I told Blackpink to go behind the school bus and hide Somi: Hey y/n Y/n: Hey lil sis I have a surprise for you before we go get ice cream Somi: Ok what is it? Y/n: Close your eyes She closes her eyes and then Blackpink came out and said surprise

When She opened her eyes and screamed Somi: OMG Blackpink I missed you guys especially you Lisa Lisa: I missed you too love bug Y/n: ok let's go get ice cream and go home Somi and Blackpink: Okay

*Jungkook P.O.V* I was in the store with my hyungs/BTS Taehyung: yah Jungkook hurry up we have to go to a meeting in like 25 minutes Jungkook: ok ok let me just get some more snacks I was looking for some snack when that smell of flowers and summer breeze came through the the door and I saw.......

*Y/n's P.O.V* Before we went into the store I told everyone that they can get some snack because we are go a watch a movie since we have no home work from school Y/n: ok everyone stack up some snacks so we can watch a movie together Blackpink and somi: Okay let's go

When we walked in I smelled it again that delicious smell so I looked down the isle to see a tall handsome fit guy that was staring at me before I looked at him and my wolf went crazy. We started walking towards eacthother but then I got pulled by my sister to the ice cream section while my wolf was saying that one word I was hoping for it to say "Mate....Mate.....Mate" and I was happy that.....

*Jungkook P.O.V* When I looked I saw the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my entire life of Being an Alfa. My hyungs had already paid for there stuff and went to the car. We were walking towards eacthother until a little girl pulled her away and my wolf said he samething over and over again while going crazy "Mate....Mate....Mate" and I was happy to know that....

"I found my mate"

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