Virago and the Magnolia
Virago and the Magnolia  virago stories

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There was once a virago...

Virago and the Magnolia

There was once a virago

who learned how to fight by man

used to fight for man

swore she die for man

until time came when she was betrayed by man

the casualty- her soul

The virago waged war on man

swore she'd sworn off man

only to fall in love with a man

Unforeseen, she was vanquished once more

With strength she recovered deep inside

she embarked on her journey through the storm

Strong winds swarmed the virago that tore through mountain and stone

When daybreak came she found her indestructible chariot destroyed

The virago knelled to the ground and cupped the remains in her hands as it withered into its void

rain followed for 100 nights until a tall magnolia tree deployed

Humbled by its vastness, she placed down her sword

The virago asked the magnolia tree

"give me strength once more"

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