Young Love... and Stuff
Young Love... and Stuff stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Young Love... and Stuff

by bryanthomas

Mavis, aged 76, was reading in the appointment room. Two teenagers sat behind her.

"Oh my god! I was totally in Jason's bedroom last night!" said Aleesha. "Nooo!" said Kaylee.

"Yeah, I was totally getting his shirt off and he was totally getting my top off." "Nooo!"

"Yeah, and he said, 'I totally want to have sex with you and stuff'. And I said, 'I totally want you to have sex with me and stuff'."

"Nooo! Did you like... do it and stuff?" "Nah."

Mavis put her book down, she was totally glad that she wasn't a teenager and stuff.

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