Tired (A Tale of Teenage Woe)
Tired	 (A Tale of Teenage Woe) stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Tired (A Tale of Teenage Woe)

by bryanthomas

"What's wrong, Jack?" "I'm tired, Mum."

"Have a nap then." "I'm tired of life."

"At 13-years-old! I don't think so." "Living under a tyrannical regime is wearing me down."

"Nonsense, we don't have a tyrannical regime in this country, thankfully." "And I'm tired of working for the man."

"Jack, you've had a paper round for a fortnight, that's hardly 'working for the man'." "I need to split this scene... kickback for a while... get all my ducks in a row."

"Before you split the scene go and tidy your bedroom." "See what I mean about a tyrannical regime!"

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