The Young Buck (An Anglo-Saxon Tale)
The Young Buck (An Anglo-Saxon Tale) stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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The Young Buck (An Anglo-Saxon Tale)

by bryanthomas

"Fair Maiden, whilst thou take my hand and walk with me?" said Kenric. I smell a randy young buck, thought Editha.

"You are slender of hip and elegant of stride, you bring splendour to my day." "Thank you kindly, sir, but I believe your intentions may not be honourable."

"Such wisdom. I admit my trouser snake dost requireth some sport." "What misdeeds dost thou have in mind for thy venomous viper?"

"The grass is tall, the sun is high and I desire to pop-eth thy cherry."

"That ship hath sailed, barely three full moons ago." "Damn!" said Kenric, skulking off.

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