The Naughty Step
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bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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The Naughty Step

by bryanthomas

Michael and his mother were eating their evening meal. "Michael, for goodness sake, you haven't touched your sprouts!"

"Mum, which part of 'I freakin' hate sprouts' don't you understand?" "But they're good for your eyesight."

"Actually, I'm pretty certain that's carrots, Mum." "Really?" "Yep. Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?" "Not that I can recall. Again, please eat your sprouts, Michael."

"No freakin' way." "Michael! Naughty step - now!!!" "Aww! How long for?" "At least ten minutes."

Michael sat on the naughty step. "Pfft! Thirty-five years old and I still have to sit on the freakin' naughty step!"

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