Puppy Love (A Festive Tale)
Puppy Love (A Festive Tale) stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Puppy Love (A Festive Tale)

by bryanthomas

"Mum, can we have a puppy for Christmas? Katie's just got one and it's adorable."

"No, absolutely not! I'm not spending my Christmas cleaning up after a puppy. I'll have enough on my plate looking after the family." "I'll do it."

"Emily, you won't even eat a rogue garden pea that has fallen off your fork onto the kitchen table." "Eww! Gross!"

"So you're not going to scoop puppy poop, are you?" "Um, no."

"That's probably your father at the front door, he forgot his key this morning, let him in, please."

"Yayyyy! Dad's brought a puppy with him!" "Nooo!"

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