One Hundred Years Young
One Hundred Years Young stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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One Hundred Years Young

by bryanthomas

"Jeff Randall here, broadcasting live for Buttercup Radio and I'm with Ethel who is one hundred years young today. Is that your telegram from the Queen, Ethel?" "Yes."

"You must be so proud." "I am."

"I believe you worked at the American airbase for over thirty years, which must have been interesting." "Yes, it was."

"Ethel seems to be a lady of few words. I think she is a little overwhelmed, so I'll ask her one final question. Ethel, 100 years, any regrets?"

"Plenty, those American pilots were randy buggers, I wish I'd screwed a few more of them." "CUT!"

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