Not-So-Dumb Blonde
Not-So-Dumb Blonde stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Not-So-Dumb Blonde

by bryanthomas

Jayne arrived at the council tip, as she did every week. She got out of her hatchback car as four council workmen surrounded her.

Obviously a helpless girly in distress, Jayne flicked her blonde hair. "Need a hand, luv?" one workman asked, with Dickensian sliminess, a snail trail in his wake.

"Oh yes please," said Jayne.

The workmen dispatched her bin bags. One of them closed the hatchback door and polished the handle with a germ-infested glove.

"There ya go!" "Thanks, boys."

Jayne was well aware that four burly council workers were no match for a short skirt and false eyelashes.

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