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bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Not Quite J.K. Rowling

by bryanthomas

Final draft completed: Check. Professionally proofread and edited: Check.

Formatted for umpteen different versions of the Kindle: Check. Cover image and illustrations by Britain's premier illustrator, Salmonella Snodgrass: Check.

Killer blurb completed: Check. Launch date tweeted, facebooked and approximately 100 book bloggers/reviewers sent a review copy: Check.

Uploaded to Amazon: Check. Clicked 'save and publish' button: Check.

Phew! Now I just have to wait 24 hours or so...

And there it is! Whoopee! My first book sitting proudly on the Amazon virtual bookshelves: 101 Things You Can do With a Dead Budgie. I wonder if it will be a bestseller?

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