Much Ado About Nothing
Much Ado About Nothing stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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I may have pinched the title from Shakespeare, or he may have pinched it from me! ;o)

Much Ado About Nothing

by bryanthomas

"Adam, how did the school swimming gala go?" "It was brilliant, Mum. John came first in the backstroke and Melanie came second in the butterfly, I enjoyed it muchly."

"Muchly! That's not a proper word." "But everybody says muchly in our school." "Well they shouldn't."

"Even the teachers say muchly." "Pfft! Teachers aren't what they were in my day."

"Mum, nothing is what it was in your day. What word should I have used?" "Greatly."

"I enjoyed it greatly. Is that better?" "Yes, a lot better. Don't get sloppy, Adam."

"Thanks, Mum. Muchly appreciated." "I don't know why I bother!"

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