High Noon
High Noon stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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High Noon

by bryanthomas

The midday sun was relentless. Zach looked at his timepiece, it was 11:57.

'I'll finish you at noon tomorrow', Muldoon had said. Zach loaded his gun and placed it in its holster.

Zach's gang were long gone, they weren't men enough for this fight. He would have to tackle 'Mad Dog' Muldoon on his own.

He planned to shoot Muldoon first, and worry about his cohorts later. As Muldoon's party turned the corner, one of them shouted, "Look out! Mad Dog!"

Zach drew his weapon, aiming at Muldoon's chest. He squeezed the trigger, and... nothing. His spud gun had jammed.

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