Gorilla Tactics
Gorilla Tactics stories
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bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Gorilla Tactics

by bryanthomas

There was pandemonium at the zoo, a child had fallen into the gorilla enclosure and a 400 pound male was looming over the little boy.

"Get the marksman here, now!" The Head Zookeeper bellowed. A zoo assistant located Jim, the marksman. "Gorilla! Kid! Rifle!" she said.

"One shot, straight to the head," the zookeeper ordered. Jim nodded. Aiming his rifle, a single high velocity bullet tore into the gorilla enclosure.

"Noooo!" wailed the child's mother, as her son slumped to the ground.

"Jim! You were supposed to kill the gorilla, not the kid!" "Gorilla's are an endangered species, kids aren't."

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