Dragons' Dinner
Dragons' Dinner stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Dragons' Dinner

by bryanthomas

Perspiring heavily, Ian entered the den. The four dragons' were basking in the soothing rays of financial solvency.

Ian took a deep breath and made a confident pitch, offering a forty percent share in his unisex beauty products company.

Never a man to be swayed financially by a tub of rhubarb and lemongrass facial scrub, Peter abruptly declared, "I'm out."

Like a well-manicured Freddy Krueger, Deborah unfurled her claws. Anticipating a clean kill, Peter slunk back in his chair.

"Ian, I'm loving your products," said Deborah, "but I'm uncomfortable with the name of your company. Seriously, come on, Ethnic Cleansing!"

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