Aspiration Without Perspiration
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bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Aspiration Without Perspiration

by bryanthomas

"Adam, have you done your homework yet?" "Duh! I've got zombies to kill, Mum."

"Playing computer games won't get you a decent job like your father has." "He's a grease monkey."

"He's a technician!" "Mum, he's a mechanic, a spanner jockey. 'Technician' is just a sexy version of mechanic."

"The 'grease monkey' helps to keep a roof over all of our heads." "Yeah, whatever."

"How are you going to afford a nice house when you're old enough, Adam?" "I'll do what all the other people do who live in the best houses around here."

"And what's that then?" "Sell drugs."

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