Why I Believe in Colour Segregation
Why I Believe in Colour Segregation raceisnothingtojokeaboutbutihadtodoit stories

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A quick article about why colour segregation is important. PLEASE READ TO THE END!

Why I Believe in Colour Segregation

Colour segregation is an integral part of our everyday lives. Before you click away, hear me out. You'd be surprised at how much you'll agree with me.

Blacks, whites, and colours should never be mixed. When they are mixed, they leak out on each other.

You don't want your whites to start being more like the colours and the blacks! Okay, I will admit, blacks and colours can mix. It's the whites you need to worry about.

The delicate whites need to be specially taken care of and should be given extra attention. I would suggest using cold water and making sure your stain removers aren't too harsh.

When adding bleach to a load, make sure it only contains whites. If you don't believe me that laundry should be segregated by colour, please comment and tell me why.

PS: Laundry is not human.

Laundry should be segregated, but humans should never ever ever be segregated, discriminated against, hated for their race, thrown in a washing machine or dryer,

washed with laundry detergent or bleach, stuffed in a carryon, worn for fashion, thrown in the garbage, donated to a thrift shop, or packed in tight boxes and shipped places.

This post was made as a joke to make you think I'm racist, but then, surprise! I'm not. Please don't ruin my online reputation for this...

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