Violent Crash On Highway E-69
Violent Crash On Highway E-69 yn stories

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Fake news article written for Yesterday News.

Violent Crash On Highway E-69

A fatal pileup occurred on highway E-69 connecting Africa to Saskatchewan the other day when a surprise fork in the road was added. Dong P. P.

Schlong was eating ramen noodles from a cup and discarded the foldable plastic fork through his window. The car behind him drove over the fork, popping its tire.

It was then launched through the air, landing on top of Dong’s car, causing the two cars to explode.

Next to the highway was a series of gasoline trucks parked next to each other, causing a train of explosions, eventually exploding a flour factory,

causing a mist of flour to blanket a span of three kilometers squared, causing 1200 cars to pile up. Three million people were injured, but only one unicorn was found dead.

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