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An exciting collaboration with 13 authors from four different websites! Great job, everyone! A new prompt will be coming soon. Tell me if you want me to notify you about the next prompt(s)!

Spice Up Your Life

Sometimes life is boring. It needs a little zest. Pizzazz, pop, power. Excitement and no rest. When life gets you down, step out of your comfort zone. You'll find that with adventure, the world is yours to own!

Maybe you'll go adventuring in Belize, Exploring any ruin you please. Or travel to the isle of Oahu, And find so many things to do!

With a sprinkling of pepper and a dash of spice we'll start off an adventure that's sure to turn out nice. Ice cream cones to cool us down if it gets too hot and hotdogs with some mustard when it just is not.

So pack your bags And go get dressed The world awaits you Better look your best Get on that plane Don't turn around Who cares were you're going There's fun to be found Forget about your worries Atleast just for today Go do something crazy Before your head has her say

When the world is quiet and still It makes no sense to sit upon your windowsill! Just because the night is dark and scary Doesn't mean you shouldn't be bright and airy. If you wait for a jest to come your way- Then you'll be waiting for a never-ending day!

The seed is in your hands ready to be sown, Get set pack your bags ... this adventure begins full-blown, Travelling to hills sea or coast, Tomorrow for breakfast pasta dosa or toast! Sitting only on your desk every day, With full of regret on deathbed to say, "I came, worked. Learnt nothing new, God give me some time to visit places few!"

Life's a gift, use it wisely, and you'll soon learn, everything teaches, Stitch your wounds, no one will do it for you, Get up, soon you'll find, words no longer corrupt you.

You'll find that your adventures Leave you speechless You have survived for so long But today, you started to live Reborn, your worries are gone Without them, you feel lighter You feel everything — Encompassed by the world's beauty You feel happy for the first time

So wear bright colors and never a frown Turn everybody's worlds upside-down Who can be normal when we all call ourselves freaks? Nobody's normal if we're all weird, so to speak (Continued-------->)

You might be different than that person over there But friendship is something that just doesn't care It'll bridge the gap between you, making rivals into allies Happiness it welcomes and loneliness it defies (Continued-------->)

So always dream big and remember to smile bright! Be the happiest person in sight And maybe it'll spill over into those glasses half-empty Till there's laughter galore and there's smiles aplenty!

In a world of demand demand and demand You have become your own slave to time Chilling can drag Clear your mind and step away Renew and challenge yourself You’ll shine and be luminous and so will those around you Just like a smile A burst of energy can be immense

If your life is boring and you feel nausea, Try to remember what you did or made, You can recall something that you had not an idea. If you start to recall and you don't see anything, It doesn't mean that actually, you feel everything. Life is a succession of your wins and your defeats. (Continued-------->)

Defeated from time to time, you can win at any time. I don't believe that you have no anything that you're proud of, But if you feel the sadness, you can't see it anymore. You did something that you can proud of, don't tell me. I know, it's real and you among good people's wings. And you have some wins.

Give in and enjoy the experience; No boundaries, no walls, just a sense. Break out of the shell that confines your emotions. Take off in a sprint and dive into an ocean. (Continued-------->)

Feel the breeze, the mist and the sand, Feel the ocean water run along your hand. Rock climb or skydive if you have to. Experience this life, take it in too.

All of the excitement Will get you excited As excited as one could be You know, just imagine an adventure Out in the wide open sea Or maybe in a virtual reality Just open your eyes (Continued-------->)

And see what there is to see Breathe in the air Of what being excited really means For you could be the most excited adventurer ever seen All of this excitement Will get you excited As excited as one could be.

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