My Grade 12 Bucket List
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You may ask why I'm posting this online. This is how I'll document my progress.

My Grade 12 Bucket List

I'm old now. I feel like I haven't done enough with my life. I'm approaching the end. Every day I think about how my body is deteriorating. I may be overreacting, but I know I'm not.

Death is around the corner. Soon I'll wake up dead. I'll start forgetting everything. Everyone I loved. Dementia will infect my mind, arthritis will attack my bones.

Because of this, I have made a list of things I want to do before I graduate.

1) Publish or complete 6 books (5 of them are really easy. I hope they come out soon).

2) Get good at backhand springs and/or backflips. I wanna be a coolboi.

3) Get 10 000 followers on Commaful and/or become a Commaful Star. (It's a slow start but I will do it (I hope)!)

4) Go camping on a beach with the fellas.

5) Do a front flip off the cliff at Fossil Dues, my favourite campsite.

6) Release another issue of Yesterday News and/or complete the magazine.

7) Fill or almost fill every page of my notebook (it'll be worth millions when I'm famous).

8) Sell random stuff online.

9) Post at least 100 more things on Commaful (sorry, haha).

Place your bets! What do you think I'll complete first? What do you think I won't complete?

Also, what's your bucket list? Whether it's for this academic year, this calendar year, or just your life in general, I'd love to see that on Commaful!

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