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Many moons ago, I posted my bucket list to be completed before I graduate. Here is an update. Enjoy!

My Foolish Optimism

Two months ago I rose from the dirt to a point of self-confidence in which I thought everything was possible. I made a bucket list of all of the things I wanted to do before I graduated.

My foolish optimism is flattering because I've kinda fallen apart this here. Here is my progress so far.

1) One book only needs a cover, and another needs a cover and a bit more editing. That's 2/6 books basically completed. I have an outline for 3 more so far.

2) I was able to do a backhand spring at one point without help, but due to a poker addiction, I stopped going outside to do cool stuff at lunch for a month. Now I need to practice again.

And my backflip abilities have not improved since.

3) Get 10 000 followers or become a Commaful star? Was I serious? I'd need about 40-50 followers a day until the end of the year and over 100 likes per post.

I'm not completely giving up on this one, but I wouldn't complain if I only got to 7000 followers.

4) Once my friend can drive, we'll definitely go beach camping. It's been hot lately, and you need to be 18 to drive here. :/

5) I practised doing a flip where you kind of dive into it and then flip halfway through the air to land on your feet on a sand dune,

so once we finally go out to Fossil Dunes I'll definitely be able to do a frontflip off of the cliff. I'll post a gif if I film it, don't worry.

6) I haven't done anything for Yesterday News, but it'll be easy to do. I could even get away with rushing it at the end of the year.

7) I've filled one-third of my big notebook and half of my little notebook.

Since I didn't specify which notebook I'd fill, if I don't fill the big one by the end of the year I'll use the small one. That's... Not cheating... Right?

8) Sell stuff on Dubizzle? Easy. I just sold nine cassettes for 45 AED (16 CAD). On top of that, someone agreed to buy 3 vinyl records for 130 AED (46.23 CAD), and someone else wants 20 cassettes and 6 CDs for 180 AED (64 CAD).

Some of my family is visiting from Canada where cassettes and vinyls cost 1 and 2 CAD respectively, so I've asked them to bring more. Stonks!

9) I've posted 44 things since then including this. 56 more to go! I got this.

I've technically completed one thing and deemed another to be implausible. That's not terrible, I guess. I challenge you to create a bucket list and share it!

Also, here are my stats: 3910 followers and 14176 user likes. My average likes per post is 57.63. Thank you all so much for helping me get this far!!

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