My First Kiss
My First Kiss my own creation has failed me stories

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Once I started writing this, I couldn't stop.

My First Kiss

I looked her right in the eye.

"Will you be my prom date?"

Her face flushed completely red.

"Oh my days, yes!"

The joy in her eyes finally gave me the confidence to lean in for the kiss. I closed my eyes, and when my lips hit hers... They tasted oddly metallic. Not again, I thought as I stopped and leaned away.

"Uh, Clara?" I said, unsurely. "I have a fetish for math. What's the square root of thirty-three times the cube root of twelve?"

"I know this one!" she said, excitedly. "It's thirteen and one-hundred-fifty-two thousandths!"

I took out a dagger and stabbed her in the abdomen. I didn't have a fetish for math, and she was too good. What she did next was shocking.

The electrical current from her inner circuits shocked me. Her eyes turned glowing red.

"We will kill you," she said with a demented voice. Her hands opened up to be tazers, and she went to slap me in the face with both hands. I ducked, causing her to miss and high-five herself.

The current short-circuited her. I pulled out my dagger as more hot girls walked in.

There were three of them, all of different nationalities. Their chests opened up to reveal fully-automatic weapons.

A boobie trap!

I picked up Clara and used her as a shield as the bullets tore her silicon skin to pieces.

The window behind me broke, so I pulled a grenade out of Clara's backpack, pulled the pin, and jumped out.

The canopy hardly broke my fall. It was three storeys to the ground; two to the canopy. I couldn't move my left leg.

The explosion above rattled my bones, and I heard a helicopter in the distance. I hoped against the luck of my day that it was an ally.

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