Interview With @uritian
Interview With @uritian stories

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I really relate with the response to the last question. Make sure to answer this question: Where do you get inspiration for some stories?

Interview With @uritian

1.) What inspired you to write?

I became inspired to continue writing when I realize people genuinely enjoy what I write.

I enjoy the feeling of people being immersed in my worlds and stories and so I decided to do this for a living.

2.) Describe your favorite story or poem that you wrote. What's it called? What's it about?

My favorite story is a psychological adventure romance about a serial killer from modern-day summoned to the dark ages by a girl who endured trauma as a slave in medieval South America. Called: "Estrella's Sunlight".

I love Isekai light novels, but I never found one that was serious or western so I decided to start it myself.

It's fun, quirky, I don't plan it to go anywhere but it helps me destress for when I do focus on my serious writing for publication.

3.) What's your least favorite or most embarrassing poem or story you wrote? Describe it.

My least favorite was a poetic piece I submitted for a competition. It felt forced despite that it was welcomed by the community. I decided to never force myself on something again.

4.) What's a tip or piece of advice you have for other authors on Commaful?

Never force yourself to write something. It's best to leave it alone and come back to it later after you took a mental breather.

Sometimes deadlines can be a hassle but treat all your work with passion regardless and it will treat you the same.

5.) Picture a scenario where you have two options: You can write a poem or story that you enjoy writing but can only get a maximum of 12 likes, or you can write something that you don't enjoy writing and end up getting a minimum of 100 likes. Which one would you choose?

I would always take the 1st of the scenario. I will never force my self to write something I don't like ever again.

I would rather have 12 readers who enjoy what I like than 100+ readers who enjoy a fake version of my writing.

6.) What's one question you think I should ask in the future, along with your response to said question?

You should ask about where we get inspiration for some stories. I'm interested to see if authors gather them from media or people around them.

I sometimes dream my short stories as they are based on events that happened throughout the day with [obvious] exaggerations.

7.)You said that you wanted to be a writer for a living. What stresses you out the most about your future or present career in the field of writing?

What stresses me out the most is not finding a community who would enjoy some of my work. Anytime I come up with something new, I feel a little sad if there is no one to enjoy it.

I get a lot of "you should expand this story more." this story deserves more" "I need to know more" and that means people enjoyed them enough to have it picking away at their mind.

My stress comes before that. When I publish a new story I am afraid that the child I created won't get love.

And I feel the same for the work of other authors, because the more time someone places into their story, the more character it has.

To me they feel like children and I wish for people to shower them with love and attention. When a story gets buried that's when I feel sad.

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