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A song I made for my Social Studies class about Internationalism. To hear a recording of this song:

Internationalism Rap

Picture us in a world full of wonder. Not a problem, not a worry, not a single tiny blunder. That’s exactly what the UN attempted. But that vision of the world can quickly be exempted.

We live in a world full of poverty and sadness. No real escape from this selfish badness. There’s enough food to feed those in need. But it’s chillling, getting wasted, to no warnings people heed.

No, that’s fine. I get it I guess. Just let everyone die as you sit down and rest. Sticking to your own national interest. Good for your country? is it really the best?

Dear rich bois, with your rich toys and ploys, Employ your people for the whole world to enjoy. Developed countries needn’t put their own needs last, But they also shouldn’t watch the world burn as they relax.

Use internationalism to help those who need it. Give foreign aid, let other countries recieve it. Solve world problems by thinking of humanity. Don’t exploit poor countries. That causes fatality.

The world is connected in a world wide web. share information, medication so we aren’t dead. Disease and pollution affect all of us, So countries collab’rating is a major plus.

Dear dictators, recieving foreign aid, Put it to honest use. It ain’t you being paid. It’s your country. So let the people have the cash. Hoarding all the money makes economy crash.

We’ll solve world conflicts with rationalization. We’ve created something called the United Nations To settle disputes in a mutualistic way. If we didn’t do this, I wouldn’t be here today.

The whole world’s united. Let’s make the best of this, Because right now that’s not the way it is. This connection is what can create peace, Maybe even stop people going down on their knees

And begging. Maybe dying of AIDS. Not having money, or being able to pay For important things like food, shelter, and water, Education, human rights, and not to be slaughtered.

On the bright side, we can stop disease. ‘Stead of it killing us, we can cure it with ease. The EU funds education and culture. Economies aren’t being eaten by vultures.

NGO’s save us from greenhouse gases. They urge governments to get off of their… Passes, Out of jail free, trading air for ‘conomy. Killing our children in the future. Yeet!

United we stand, but devided we fall. We need to work together if we can work at all. Society can ascend from the rubble it’s in, If nation states could burst the selfish bubble they’re in.

To listen to the recording, check out the link in the description!

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