I Hate Draco the Dragon
I Hate Draco the Dragon stories

bruvton Mężczyzna pije
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A story about a gopher that hates a dragon.

I Hate Draco the Dragon

That dragon. I hate that dragon. He thinks he's so high and mighty. It's

almost like he thinks he's the protagonist or something! Throughout my

entire life, he's ruined everything. His latest endeavor was ruining my

musical career! I was the most popular musician in town until everyone

was like, "Oh, cool! A singing dragon!"

ExCUSE me? I was the FIRST non-human ever to grace the face of the

earth with my singing. Then he saw my video on YouTube, copied it, and

found a singing guitar just to one up me AGAIN.

If he was any other dragon, any dragon at all, I would maybe support

him. But NO. He's Draco. His name literally just means Dragon in latin. If

you think that's dumb, wait till you hear his last name! It's literally "The

Dragon"! He was exiled from his own planet for being an outcast, and

was sent floating through space, until one day, a stroke of "luck" came

and he got caught into Earth's orbit, where he "definitely" wasn't an

outcast. When he landed, it happened to be on the very place that I call

home. I wasn't home, but my wife, seven kids, and parents were all

visiting waiting for me to come home. They all died. Meanwhile, I was

saving orphans from a burning building, saving them from the very fate

that my ENTIRE FAMILY suffered. I wandered around, lost, depressed,

homeless. Just like the orphans I had saved. Some humans decided to

adopt me as a "pet". I invested what little love I had left in this world into

my new parents, until they packed up my stuff and threw me out the

door. They said they were making space for a better pet. Then they

adopted Draco. He took my family twice in a row. That night, I was bit by

a rabid, demonic eagle. I barely escaped with my life. Or what was left of

it. I'm dying of rabies. But I WILL get revenge on Draco before I die.

Soon, he'll be participating in the Bounce! Performance Competition, and

everyone already knows that he'll win. I'm going to change that. I'm

going to ruin it all, if it's the last thing I do.

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