Feeling Bigly Oofed
Feeling Bigly Oofed sad stories

bruvtonMężczyzna pije
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Feeling Bigly Oofed

Sitting here alone. I am left on my own.

I have no one around me, no other flesh or bone.

This isn't the only feeling that I have ever known;

I had some friend's around me now I'm cold as a stone.

They either lost their phones or are leaving me unread.

I can't contact them; I might as well be dead.

When they do respond, they say they're busy, which I dread.

But this has never happened before, I can't get this through my head.

What did I do wrong? Have I been a jerk lately?

Is it wrong of me to assume that all of them hate me?

We used to always hang out, never react irately.

But now we don't. We never speak stately.

Oh, well, I guess. Alone I will go.

I will go someplace new, find new people to know.

At least this Christmas I'll reunite with my bros

But for now, I'm on my own. I'm completely alone.

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