Calling All YouTubers!
Calling All YouTubers! youtube stories

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I'm hosting a monthly YouTube contest, and I want you to enter your videos! The don't have to have been posted owitgin the last month. They can be posted whenever.

Calling All YouTubers!

Every month, I want to give three award titles for the best YouTube videos created by people on Commaful!

I want to discover new YouTubers, so Commaful is where I'm looking. If you are in a YouTube video, put a link in the comments and I'll watch and comment on it!

The three titles that can be won are Most Entertaining (Based on my personal opinion of the video), Most Views on YouTube, and Most Reader Votes.

In two or three days from now, I will create a Commaful post with all of the eligible entries for voting. During this time, I'd suggest getting as many people as you can to vote!

There are a few rules, which may change as I fix up this whole contest over the months.

Rule #1: You may only submit 1 video each month. If you submit more than one, only the first one you sent will be considered.

Rule #2: You must be in the video. When you submit it, tell me when and where you can be seen in it.

Rule #3: Don't be afraid! Be yourself. Commaful is very supportive, so don't feel self conscious!

So, choose your video, post the link in the comments with where/when I can hear or see you in the video, and stay tuned for the voting and the results! Good luck!

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