Call for Stories to be Published!
Call for Stories to be Published! randomness stories

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I'd love to see people try this out!

Call for Stories to be Published!

My friends and I have created a fake newspaper that has anything from absurd news to satirical news.

The topic is fake news. It can either be realistic or way out there.

Don't worry; it's not made to trick people. Everyone knows it's fake.

The newspapers are published on a website and handed out at my school. (The website's pretty bad, though)

We haven't created a new one recently, so we need your help! If you write a fake newspaper article that's about 400 words or less, your story can be seen by a bunch of people!

And if you participate, I'd suggest posting the fake news article on your Commaful account (make sure people know that it's fake lmao) so that you can have the most exposure possible. I'll also repost it so that you can get more likes!

Have fun writing the articles! I hope a few people give it a shot!

Links to the last three issues can be found in the comments!

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