Biology Class
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Written as a brain break while doing biology homework.
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Biology Class

Biology class is like a tree.

It really grows on me.

Not like Stockholm-syndrome.

I'm paralyzed, stuck at home.

The roots tear through my bones.

The trunk weighs me down.

The glossy leaves reflect my frown.

The branches shade me from the bright light of life.

I can't see my future. It's all pain, strain, and strife.

Living hurts. With death I flirt.

I look up the tree that protrudes through my shirt.

It's an obstacle, and I want to climb it.

I want to learn how to cope with life, not the rainforest climate.

I feel roots taking water from my pulmonary vein.

I feel them tickling the limbic system of my brain.

My aorta blocked by roots from the trees,

And my bronchiole clogged with leaves.

When will it end? When will I be free?

Since when could a tree grow inside me?

Will my friends learn about it in biology?

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