Author Interview, Featuring YOU!
Author Interview, Featuring YOU! randomness stories

bruvton Mężczyzna pije
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Answer these questions for an opportunity to get featured! It may take me a while, though.

Author Interview, Featuring YOU!

I'd like to do an interview with anyone on Commaful who wants to be interviewed!

So, following this slide will be a bunch of questions. Answer them all in the comments, and I'll choose my favourite responses and post them each as individual posts!

1) What inspires you to write?

2) Describe your favourite story or poem that you wrote. What's it called? What's it about?

3) What's your least favourite or most embarrassing poem or story you wrote? Describe it.

4) What's a tip or piece of advice you have for other authors on Commaful?

5) Picture a scenario where you have two options: You can write a poem or story that you enjoy writing but can only get a maximum of 12 likes, or you can write something that you don't enjoy writing and end up getting a minimum of 100 likes. Which one would you choose?

6) What's one question you think I should ask in the future, along with your response to said question?

If I have a burning question about any of you, I'll pm you some questions that I'd like answered to make each interview more unique. Enjoy answering!

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