Assimilation in Schools
Assimilation in Schools dress-code stories

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Allegations claim schools are causing assimilation in youngin's.

Assimilation in Schools

Children and teenagers have been outraged lately due to an elevated level of assimilation in their schools.

“First they convince us to wear the same clothes, then they try to make us act the same because of some psychological trickery!” a student claimed.

He has been arrested for over 2 727 uniform violations. Adolf Jong Stalin, a member of the school board, denied these allegations.

He said, “Of course we don’t assimilate our students! The technology we are accused of using doesn’t even exist!"

After slipping him a twenty dirham bill, he claimed, “You see, we force them to wear the uniform, which contains a small chip that controls their brains.

We also put a serum in the water coolers that forces them to behave. We haven’t found a way to affect students with Type Two Awesomeness.”

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