little wishes
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bruisedmelodies 🌷🦋💫
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all the little wishes i have for you and me.

little wishes

by bruisedmelodies

i don't want to be the name on your blocked list and neither do i want to be a forgotten contact.

i don't want to be a phase in your life, or your flavour of the month.

i don't want to be the forgotten smudge of a handprint on your window pane.

i want to be the dried lavenders you keep between the pages of an old romantic classic.

and i want to be the beautiful handwriten letters that you keep under your pillow, holding them close to your heart at night.

i want to be the pearls from a broken necklace you've been treasuring for ages,

your wristwatch that you always wear on your right hand.

i want to be the sweatshirt that carries your fragrance,

and be an old blanket that keeps you warm on a cold winter night.

i want to be the reason behind your smiles, and i want to be your muse,

be someone who you think about on your lonely nights.

i want to be the girl in your story, which you will very fondly tell your children before their bedtime

under the starry night sky, a light smile playing on your lips while doing so.

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