life is art
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bruisedmelodies 🌷🦋💫
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your life is a piece of art,
so colour it;
make it bright and vibrant,
just like the rainbow.

life is art

by bruisedmelodies

your eyes are the painters that create the magnificent world that you see

your hands are the paintbrushes which makes disparate strokes that shapes your future

your mind is a canvas on which you paint everything you desire to see

this life you live isn't imaginary, it is your imagination that makes it lively

don't pay heed to any boundaries you may encounter in your time, paint them too

paint the deep, dark corners of your life; fill them with a mellow shade of yellow

brighten your sullen days; imbue them with a bold and bright ray of vermillion

when the leaves in your garden lose their sheen, revive them with a touch of green

when the sky starts to face into muted pastels and the day enters into an indigo of dusk

don't let the bright day merge into the black night; turn on those white street lights

once you grow tired and your paint bottles dry, dip into the ocean of colours that line the sky

paint your mind with colourful lines that gives you life, a sense of hope and an emotional drive

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