Answering @therealgregsta's questions!
Answering @therealgregsta's questions! @therealgregsta stories

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my brother is weird...

Answering @therealgregsta's questions!

1: Whats your fave meme? Me.

Or this: (continued)

2: What's your favorite and least favorite thing about Commaful? Favorite: The community (besides greggo) Least favorite: YOU CANT GROUPCHAT T^T

3: What's the best roast youve ever heard? "You look like greggo"

4:Have you ever met someone famous? No, but my mom has met George Harrison from the beatles, and she sat next to Spike Lee on an airplane -w- me too sad

5: What's your dream job? Getting paid for doing nothing

6: How did you discover commaful? My friend sent a link saying "follow me on commaful or die" so im like okie

7: What's one thing you hate that everyone else loves and what's one thing you love that everyone else hates Hates: PEANUT BUTTER EWWWWWW (or roller coasters) Loves: Salt by itself!! (ITS SOOO GOOD -w- DONT JUDGE ME)

8: Who do you idolize the most? TEMINITE CHECK OUT HIS MUSIC ITS AWESOMEEE marshmello, alan walker, and maroon 5 are hot as well

9: What's your favorite TV show? FAIRLY ODDPARENTS WHOPPEE

10: Fave video game? WII PARTY


11: FAVE FOOD?? Do cheetos count? No? Brownies?...

12: Bday? 5-14. Yesterday. I think y'all know that.

13: What does being in love feel like? Some will tell you it's the most amazing feeling in the world. Some will say most dangerous. Both people are correct. Love is a powerful thing that can be used to your advantage, so don't abuse it!

Bonus: Is @therealgregsta cool? No. Not in any way.

kk baibai 909'ers (yes i call my fans 909'ers now -w-)

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