things I want to say but never will part 1
things I want to say but never will part 1  mom stories
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brookeworm forever bored
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Sorry but I'm not doing pictures, that would take one all day!! 😂😂

things I want to say but never will part 1

Before I start, I'm going to remind you that I love you .

I don't say it a lot but I do love you alot

Still you are controlling

You're a controller

It's in your best intentions I know


You control my appearance

I'm uncomfortable in my own skin because of you

I have social anxiety because of you

I can't wear what I want and be who I want because of you

I care too much about what you think of me

You control my education

You control my workload

You control my grades

You control what I learn about

You control my social life

You control the amount of friends I have (0)

You control my time online

You control my opportunities to meet people and have somebody to talk to for once

You control my diet

You control my food choices

You control my serving sizes

You're controlling my whole life mom!

Do you WANT me to become you?

I have nobody to talk to and that is sad because I have a sister one year younger than me who I don't even trust anymore

You give me no choices and make me feel like no can t stand up to you

Well let me tell you something

When I wear oversized shirts that my dad gave me and baggy pants it's because I'm hiding my body because I'm always aware of my body

I'm always worried about what other people are thinking about me


Forcing me to wear skinny jeans and crop tops because "oh that's what everyone is wearing now" and " you have the body for it" or "I wish I had worn these types of clothes when I was young

and skinny like you"

Then you should've

I am not your doll

The only thing you are doing is making me want to wear hoodies and sweatpants and high heels and black dresses and makeup and eat chinese food and go to parties as soon as I leave this house

And school!

God, Icwouldnt last a day in real school but I still want to because I want friends and I want to get the hell out of this house before it kills me

I have to get out and start being my own person

Please mom

Please let me

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